The need for top-notched security surveillance in the hospitality industry is inevitable.


Close to the local airport, a hospitality property needed to have a top-end surveillance and security system. The total number of individuals visiting the hotel during the day makes it tough for the security personnel to keep close tabs on everyone visiting the hotel. However, the surveillance of the property was identified as a significant challenge as it was difficult to track everything happening in and around the hotel. The company partnered with PointBlue to build a security system that would allow the security personnel to identify a visitor even before entering the property.

Problem solved

By combining technical excellence and commitment, we were able to build a face recognition solution designed to capture facial images from CCTV camera over a standard IP network and undertake to match the captured facial images to the database at the backend in real time. The beauty of this solution lays in the fact that hotel staff doesn’t need to approach guests to verify their identity.