Manufacturers have been significant contributors to global wealth. Transferring to a digital enterprise is vital to both manufacturers and the economy at large.


A leading water technology company in Europe experienced a period of massive growth, purchasing four companies in less than three years. However, as the company has expanded, it also becomes heir to numerous business procedure and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that leads to high operating costs and a drop in business revenues. The water technology company engaged PointBlue to design a platform that would standardize its business processes and integrate all the ERP systems.

Problem Solved

PointBlue, a Toronto based company had to access the company’s business processes, procedures, and technological operations. PointBlue recognized that a single ERP system would be a time-consuming and extremely costly solution for the company. However, we developed an orchestrated operating model that draws and synchronized each acquired company's existing ERP systems.

This approach integrated all transactions across the company, promoting compliance and good governance by adopting one global standard for all business processes. Hence, all data is available in the store, the company directors and managers have a more unobstructed view of business performance. To improve revenues, we replaced manual processes with an automated process.