Travel & Logistics

PointBlue is reshaping the way travel&logistics companies benefit through digital transformation.


The biggest manufacturers of commercial buses wanted to leverage the vehicle data patterns to facilitate its performance and operations. However, this company had limited ability to gather, analyze and utilize its data-the major company challenges are federal compliance, revenue stagnation, rising costs, and driver attrition. These challenges worry the company. The company hired PointBlue to help tackle this problem; identify growth opportunities and gain insights about product performance and client behavior.

Problem solved

PointBlue first approach was to help this company process and collect diagnostic data from its production equipment using custom analytics. To better driver experience, we built a unique open digital marketplace. Through developing the system architecture for the platform, analytics, and application programming interfaces (API's) that connect the company's equipment and devices; we integrated the company's machinery and tools with the data from their current telecommunication provider and transferred it to its data store. We developed the driver’s app to provide electronic logs and information on vehicle health.