The hospitality industry has been brilliant in sparking traveler’s imaginations. However, digital intermediaries have intruded on hospitality providers gaining a significant percentage of the industry outcomes. Every time a customer is willing to book via a provider's proprietary channel rather than the obsolete intermediaries' route, it results in savings of up to 20%.


Due to massive competition and unpredictable consumer’s behavior, the survival and success of travel&hospitality companies depend on customized services and extraordinary guest experience, before, during and after the travel. Also, meeting ever-increasing demands and expectation of travelers and evaluating risks in investments to travel and hospitality infrastructure which accompanies reduced costs and increase profitability.

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With our in-depth knowledge and cutting edge ideas at PointBlue regarding the travel and hospitality industry and with our technological expertise, we have developed strategic patterns and solutions for our in-need clients such as travel booking apps which have fostered direct sales, simplified channel management, and better customer experience with significant cost saving. We also have the knowledge and technology to develop customized travel agency management that enables travel and hospitality companies with multiple benefits to enhance the guest experience and many more.

Here are a few of the projects we have delivered for the travel & hospitality industry:

  • Travel booking software
  • Hotel income management system with alluring features like channel manager
  • Automated requisition, purchase processes
  • Travel mobile app to access operations on the go

CRM with features like campaigns, loyalty programs, survey, etc