Today, digital revolution demands manufacturers develop leading-edge operations and supplier chain ecosystems which involves the need to create smart products, and platforms for reduced cost and enhanced service capability.


The ever-evolving complexities in customer behavior and competitive pressure make it vital for manufacturing companies to explore opportunities to help increase revenue growth. However, this takes an upswing from traditional interaction with customers, which takes place mostly at the point of sale to web across the complete buyer lifecycle enabling customer discovery and loyalty.

PointBlue a Toronto based company help manufacturing companies cruise the current dynamic landscape to deploy cutting-edge solutions that help to innovate and improve profitability. We, through our digital consulting, and analytics practice know about delivering solutions that enable manufacturers to provide value to their customers. PointBlue delivers industry-specific services and solutions to in-need manufacturing clients, empowering them to achieve greater visibility and optimize the process, hence, leading to improved productivity, reduced cost, and enhanced customer experience.

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Our team aims to understand your organization needs to develop a complete manufacturing software solution. When we build your custom manufacturing software, we seek to:

  • Inspect processes and eliminate those that are not a needed
  • Operate with as close to 100% machine utilization is possible
  • Decrease unplanned downtime by building solutions that can anticipate issues
  • Optimize resource allocation and scheduling
  • Create complete and uninterrupted visibility and tracking of the entire manufacturing process.

At PointBlue, we understand how a software solution can aid manufacturing processes and increase productivity, thus, keeping the organization running smoothly and efficiently. Our full suite of software services gives us the insight and expertise to develop the best manufacturing software solution for any business.