Odoo is the best ERP solutions you can trust to run a business successfully. With the latest 10.000+ apps in, Odoo covers all your business goals in a one-stop solution. This software is a complete suite for business applications and offers:

  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Financial Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Human Resources, and many other modules.
Odoo Solution

Odoo apps are perfectly integrated allowing you to automate your business processes fully. Odoo software is an open source, built for small and large business, hence its highly customizable.

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Odoo Implementation

Our Odoo implementation service resonates the requirements of your business. A perfect ERP implementation not only saves time and money but can be a boost to the growth of your organization.

only saves time and money but can be a boost to the growth of your organization. At PointBlue we work strategically in the implementation of end-to-end Odoo ERP to ensure we meet your e-commerce goals.

Odoo Customization

Are you looking to customize your Odoo ERP? We can help you achieve this. At PointBlue, we will completely refine the installed system according to the workflow of the business. Customize your Odoo today and restore life to your work process.

Odoo Development

To completely understand the technology behind Odoo ERP, in-depth knowledge in many fields is much-needed. We know the importance of your business, that's why we provide Odoo development at all stages of business success. We can help you make changes and incorporate modules in your Odoo ERP.

Odoo Integration

E-commerce pioneers believe integrating third-party apps is a necessity that can't be ignored by merchants. At PointBlue, we acknowledge how business evolves and how important Odoo integration is to enterprises. For this reason, we combine technical excellence and knowledge of how internally Odoo ERP works. Honestly, we are best positioned to offer quality services for the in need clients.

Odoo Consulting

Every business wants to automate their workflow but installing new platforms is a daunting task. To tackle this, PointBlue offers Odoo consultation for small and medium-sized enterprises that chose Odoo ERP system for their business.

Odoo Training

Businesses are advised to train the workforce and make them conversant with the new Odoo ERP environment. Our expert Odoo trainers are just the ideal trainers your workforce is craving for, and indeed, they need our assistance.

Odoo Migration

As customers become completely unpredictable, business ideas and strategies are constantly changing. However, to stay competitive, businesses must migrate to a better Odoo ERP version.

Our team of professionals is eager to take care of each step of migration and successfully migrate your data to a new system.

Odoo Support

We understand the complexity of your business, and we vow to keep in touch always to support you. And because we know the meaning of support; we can easily translate it into your Odoo software.

Support is crucial and finding the best company to handle your Odoo support is nerve-racking. Don’t worry; PointBlue a Toronto based IT Company is your Odoo support angel.